Astonishing Lab Racks from Netrack India

For a smartly maintained and organized laboratory, lab racks are paramount. It is an extremely essential utility in labs and therefore, it must come from a reliable manufacturer. Noticeably, quality and durability of the holders, which comprise of a workable table and multiple shelves to organize apparatus and accessories, is the most emphasizing factor. From the entire perspective, NetrackIndia Enclosures manufactured racks aptly suit lab requirements and exceed customer expectations in terms of quality.

lab racks

One of the chief reasons behind the preference for NetrackIndia produced laboratory frames is their decent design and versatility. Provided modular design, various shelves and relevant accessories, these racks are a valuable resource for every individual working in laboratories.

There are numerous unique features of net racks presented by NetrackIndia:

  • Racks are robust as they are manufactured with international grade steel. They well adhere to the ASTM standard.
  • They simply cable management at horizontal and vertical ends.
  • These racks are well up so as to manage power distribution with a vertically adjustable arrangement. They also suffice similarly for Data distribution channels.
  • A befitting solution in diverse lab environments/infrastructures, lab racks are most apt with adaptable DIN rails and earthing strips.

Also, the racks comprise of necessary accessories for the simplicity of use. You get a list of items such as DIN rail channel, cable organizers, and data distribution channel as main accessories. The ESD accessories include 19-inch rack, table and equipment ground kits, wristband, drawer units, antistatic mat, keyboard shelf, etc.

What should you look for while ordering lab racks?

Though there are hundreds of vendors in the market, you should pick the best one matching your needs. Cost is always a major aspect, but it is not the only one criterion that should be used. You should look for aspects like:

  • Are the racks available in CKD form (Completely Knock Down) and can be assembled in your lab?
  • Is it stainless steel material or powder-coated iron?
  • Do they have vertical and horizontal cable channels for cables?
  • Are there caster wheels and level adjustments?
  • Do they offer anti-static mat, gloves or equipment grounding kit?

Needless to mention, that NetrackIndia is a company that has walked extra miles in design and development of this product. Engineers here have relentlessly worked to come up with a handy lab rack that can best suit all types of needs at a single place.


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