Power Cords- necessities and features

A power cord connects an appliance to the main electricity supply through a wall socket or an extension cord. These power cords are either detachable or attached to the appliance. They are widely used in IT applications. The Power Cords have to be designed with exact specification so that they can withstand accidental contact with any heated surface. They should be able to manage a different condition such as moisture, heavy wear, temperature, oil etc. Netrack, a leading manufacturer of networking rack products for servers and data centers, provide quality service in power cords. The power cord manufacturers ensure that all their power cables follow the specification and requirement as per the need.Power CordsPower Cords

Power cord manufacturers ā€“ ensures quality and meets the requirement

The power cord manufacturers taking into consideration the needs of the end user provide power cords of different length and color. The power cord manufacturers ensure that all the cables are sturdy and have a considerable long life so that they are not susceptible to wear and tear. The power cord manufacturers support cords of 3 lengths. They come in 2, 3 or 6 feet. However other than the standard sizes they also provide power cables of different length on minimum order quantity (MOQ). The cables come in different colors such as Black (Standard) White, Gray, Yellow, Orange, Green, and Red & Blue. The power cord manufacturers support only the standard color, which is black, however, the other colors can be ordered on MOQ.

Netrack ā€“ gives a satisfying user experience

The power cord manufacturers have cables that are available in the standard configuration such as C13 -14, C14 -15 and C19 -20, however, customized configuration is available for bulk orders. Netrack is popular for producing products that are eco-friendly and economical too. They ensure that all their products strictly follow quality compliances and are flawless. They have good network globally and their products are delivered within a given time frame. This makes Netrack, a popular choice among customers in the manufacturing of rack products.

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