Power Cord Manufacturers- A preface

The power cord is an important connectivity between the appliance and the electrical supply. They are either detachable or attached to the appliance. The power cords are used in wide variety of purposes, in household, industries, IT sectors etc. It is important to develop power cords that can withstand accidental contact with a heated surface. It has to ensure to design a cord that can withstand moisture, temperature, oil, wear and tear. Netrack a leading manufacturer of networking rack products for servers and data centers provide excellent service in the manufacturing of power cords. The power cord manufacturers ensure that the power cords produced by them meet the specification and requirement as per the need of the client.

Power Cord manufacturers- Types and specifications

The power cord manufacturers produce power cords that meet the demands of the need. They develop power cords of different size and color. The power cord manufacturers provide cable sizes of three types. It comes in 2, 3 and 6 feet. They also provide different sizes other than standard sizes; provided they are ordered in MOQ (Minimum order quantity).The power cord manufacturers also provide cords of different colors such as White, Gray, Yellow, Orange, Green, and Red & Blue apart from the standard color of black. The power cord manufacturers support only the standard color, which is black, however, the other colors can be ordered in MOQ.

Netrack- a leading manufacturer of networking rack products

The power cord manufacturers make certain that their customers are satisfied from every aspect. They provide cables that are available in the standard configuration such as C13-14, C14-15 and C19-20; however, customized configuration is available for bulk orders too. Netrack has always aimed at producing quality products that are eco-friendly and cost effective too. They ensure that all their products undergo a strict quality check before they are supplied to their customer. Netrack has a huge network connected globally and has achieved great customer satisfaction, by providing quality service, on time.

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Port KVM Switches types & its significance

Port KVM switches are available as the standby in the power plane during the entire BIOS process. The KVM is abbreviated as the keyboard, video, and Music. The KVM has micro controller that clubs keyboards, video and music signals and compresses them into small packets and is then transferred to a remote console through an Ethernet link.  The port KVM switches handle multiple computers that are connected locally or globally with the aid of IP connections. Netrack, a leading manufacturer of networking racks for servers and data centers, provides port KVM switches.

Port KVM Switches

Let us look into different port KVM switches provided by Netrack

  • Dominion KX II

           Embedded with exotic features, the Dominion KX II port KVM switches are capable of handling 64 multiplatform servers and serial-based devices and are widely used in data centers, server rooms, labs etc. They also come with the blade server, mouse synchronization, dual power, digital video etc.

  • Dominion KX II-101 v2

Dominion KX II-101 v2 port KVM switches are widely used in labs, medical applications, constructions etc. They are very tiny and fit the size of a palm. It is used to control single server that is used to connect 8 local users.

  • Dominion LX

The Dominion LX port KVM switches are used to cater the business for small and medium types. It is used to control 256 servers and 8 to 16 ports. They also provide high-quality BIOS level access.

  • Dominion KSX II

          The Dominion KSX II port KVM switches are widely used in remote offices, labs, data centers etc. and can access 4 to 8 KVM over IP port and 4 to 8 serial ports. It has ability to provide BIOS-level access up to 10 users and 16 servers and serial devices.

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Server Cabinets – The need

Server Cabinets – The need

  • The world of IT has huge infrastructures that constitute of servers and data centers. The servers are mandatory in IT Sector to store and transfer a large data locally and globally.
  • They are equipped with wires and cables that have to be maintained in an organized manner for easy accessibility and also stranded wires can cause mishaps too.
  • As the server unit dissipates heat and noise, they are a cause of concern for the employees working in the vicinity of the server area. This has resulted in the serious health hazards.Server Cabinets

The solution…..

In order to provide a safe environment for the workforce and also to optimize the available space in the server room, server cabinets are produced by Netrack India. Netrack India is the one of the largest manufacturer of networking racks for servers and data centers.

Server Cabinets- Features and benefits

  • The server cabinets are made from good quality steel that is strong and sturdy. The quality of steel used in the manufacturing of server cabinets meets the standards and are made using 14 gauge steel sheets.
  • They also are customized according to the need and specification of the server rooms. The server cabinets designed by Netrack ensures that various aspects of the server rooms such as cable density, heat dissipation, power consumption are taken care.
  • There are a different variety of racks available at Netrack such as high density closed racks, medium density closed racks, open racks etc.
  • The server cabinets are provided with a front door perforation metal door and a fan is also mounted for good ventilation. The server cabinets are provided with lock and Key system. 

Rely on Netrack for quality and durability

  • Netrack has dedicated its service to produce an outcome that is eco-friendly and cost-efficient.
  • Netrack has also provided server cabinets with back vented racks that come with safety metal doors.
  • The server cabinets are tested for quality and ensured to provide an outcome that is flawless.

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