Port KVM Switches types & its significance

Port KVM switches are available as the standby in the power plane during the entire BIOS process. The KVM is abbreviated as the keyboard, video, and Music. The KVM has micro controller that clubs keyboards, video and music signals and compresses them into small packets and is then transferred to a remote console through an Ethernet link.  The port KVM switches handle multiple computers that are connected locally or globally with the aid of IP connections. Netrack, a leading manufacturer of networking racks for servers and data centers, provides port KVM switches.

Port KVM Switches

Let us look into different port KVM switches provided by Netrack

  • Dominion KX II

           Embedded with exotic features, the Dominion KX II port KVM switches are capable of handling 64 multiplatform servers and serial-based devices and are widely used in data centers, server rooms, labs etc. They also come with the blade server, mouse synchronization, dual power, digital video etc.

  • Dominion KX II-101 v2

Dominion KX II-101 v2 port KVM switches are widely used in labs, medical applications, constructions etc. They are very tiny and fit the size of a palm. It is used to control single server that is used to connect 8 local users.

  • Dominion LX

The Dominion LX port KVM switches are used to cater the business for small and medium types. It is used to control 256 servers and 8 to 16 ports. They also provide high-quality BIOS level access.

  • Dominion KSX II

          The Dominion KSX II port KVM switches are widely used in remote offices, labs, data centers etc. and can access 4 to 8 KVM over IP port and 4 to 8 serial ports. It has ability to provide BIOS-level access up to 10 users and 16 servers and serial devices.

To know more About: loginto port kvm switches netrack


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