The importance of Acoustic racks

Netrack, a leading manufacturer of organizational networking rack products for servers and data centers, provides Acoustic Racks which aid in promoting a safe and a healthy environment. The IT and data centers have Servers which are used to control the internal working of the organization, emanates noise and heat during its operation. This is really a cause of concern for the health of the employees. It also affects the working environment and results in loss of productivity. Therefore a safe and a pleasant working environment are required considering the wellbeing of the employees. The Acoustic racks by Netrack are a boon to the industrial and IT sectors. It effectively suppresses the noise levels and makes the surrounding free from noise pollution.

Acoustic Rack

Acoustic racks- Benefits & Features :

The Acoustic racks are made from high-quality soundproofing material which has the capacity to suppress the noise produced by fan motors by 30 decibels. The acoustic racks are accompanied with two dust proof fans. The comprehensive and elegant designed acoustic racks help to keep the server free from dust, thereby maintaining the good condition of the unit. The super cooling acoustic server racks prevent the server units from getting heated up and also protects it from any fire mishaps, such as the burning of cables wires, etc.

The acoustic rack has effectually reduced the energy bills and hence has brought a great impact on the growth and development of the company. The acoustic racks by Netrack are manufactured based on the corridor concept which works on the principle of separating hot air and cold air, thereby preventing any short circuits that can result due to the collision of hot and cold air.

Netrack- the best partner for providing effective server racks.

Netrack being an ISO 9001-2008 certified company has never compromised on quality, service, and on-time delivery. With a comprehensive logistic network, they can support customers successfully with requirements from any part of the world. They have always ensured to provide best service support to all their esteemed customers.

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