How do the Server Cabinets increase the efficiency of server units?

The server units at the data center or IT sector is vital for effective working for all internal operations in the Network. It operates continuously to provide uninterrupted support to the systems connected to the Network. However, the server unit emanates noise, heat, dust, and consumes more power as a result of continuous operation. Therefore, it is important to adopt an eco-friendly and optimal solution to resolve the issue. Netrack, a leading manufacturer of server rack and cabinet, provides server cabinet that keeps the server unit enclosed. The Server Cabinets help to control noise, absorb heat and prevents dust accumulation.

server cabinet

What are the issues faced by employees in data centers?

The employees working in the close vicinity of server room were affected by noise and heat dissipation. They complained of loss of hearing power. It caused other issues such as cardio problems, stress, etc. The server cabinet is made using a 14 gauge steel sheet, powder coated, using a special material, helps to absorb noise and heat.  It is robust in constructions that comply with the international standard of quality and safety. The server cabinet has a front metal door, which has an intelligent lock mechanism, which keeps the server unit secure from unauthorized access and provides data security.

What are the features that make server cabinet eco-friendly and safe?

Some of the important features of Server Cabinets are that it has the best cable management and cooling solution. The wires and cables are kept intact using cable management rack. The server cabinet  equipped with the best cooling solution consumes less power to combat heat and saves energy which makes it eco-friendly and safe. While designing the server cabinets, the cable density, heat indulgence, and power ingestion are taken into consideration which helps to exhibit excellence in performance and efficiency. NetRack has a team of specialists, which regularly checks for quality at each stage of the manufacturing process to ensure the end product is spotless. Such an enhanced solution by Netrack makes it a popular choice among customers across the country.

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